Achyutananda Malika Oriya Pdf 13 HOT! ⌛

Achyutananda Malika Oriya Pdf 13 HOT! ⌛


Achyutananda Malika Oriya Pdf 13

Achyutananda is believed to have prophesied the Sri Jagannatha Temple in Puri being destroyed between 1508 and 1514 by the Talakota Plague that killed 15 million people in India. This fulfills a prophecy given by other Brahma Seers that this would be the time the religion of Krishna would be destroyed by the Glorious Krishna of Jagannatha Temple. This prophecy was during the time when there was famine in Odisha that was believed to be divine punishment by the Supreme Lord Krishna for the razing of the Jagannatha Temple. Many of Achyutananda’s predictions were accurate to the point he was called Ishwar-Pratishtha and many considered this man to be one of the Acharya of Puri.

Achyutanada predicted that the Jagannath temple would be razed in 1514 and another prediction from him (in 1557) was that although the Jagannatha Temple would be rebuilt, it would be under the control of Manik Singha, one of the descendants of Jagannatha being the main eye on the temple service. This prophecy was followed in almost the entire year of 1514. The Jagannatha Temple was destroyed on February 15, 1514.

In the year 1527 Achyutananda made what is considered one of his most powerful prophesies which was to predict the future of the Jagannatha Temple. He prophesied that the Jagannatha temple would be haunted after 1527 and that this would lead to the departure of the trustees of the temple service (Mani Singha and his descendants) for good. He made this prophecy at an age when he had the extreme power of death and was considered to have eyes in his head that allow him to see the future. Many consider this prophecy to be one of Achyutanada Das’s divya drishti. This was fulfilled by 1533 when Manik Singha was killed in battle with Portuguese. While the Jagannatha temple was rebuilt in 1533 the trustees still remained in control of the temple service until 1984 when the trustees were ousted with a strong belief that they were under some kind of evil influence.


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