Audio Damage Dr. Device 1.0 VST 📱



Audio Damage Dr. Device 1.0 VST

Bug in the Audio Damage VSTkit, the device might not be able to re-initialize quickly enough to play music when plugged into another device at the same time as the infected one. If this happens, you may need to unplug the infected device, plug it into the other and then plug the other device and retry music playback.

If the hub is not in the normal paused position, it may indicate a problem with you headphones. An example of this would be if the headphone jack is not working. If the plug is merely not pulled all the way into the headphones, it is not sufficient to reposition the plug. You may need to re-insert the plug and press the button.

If your audio playing device is in use, remove the VSTkit 2 USB or TDK IP2 Headphone Reverser Cable from the bottom of the audio machine, disconnect the host device and slip the 2 Male to 2 Male audio cables into the headphone jack of the audio playing device, and reconnect the host device. This will allow the audio playing device to use the headphone jack.


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