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Today we bring to you the second part of our three-part series on the world of Macs. First part highlighted popular applications available for the Mac, while the third part focuses on the Mac OS X itself. This installment covers the basic computer hardware and operating system features that Mac OS X users will most likely encounter.

Whether you are new to the Mac realm or simply want to gain a better understanding, Mac 101 provides a quick overview of the essentials that you can use to get up and running. Mac OS X comes with a wide array of applications; however, this article attempts to explain the basics so that you can start using Mac OS X right away.







While it just seems like a bit of a needless update, Lightroom 5.2 is worth a look for those who need to have the latest Lightroom, or for those with old projects who want to take advantage of the new features. The good news for those upgrading from older Lightroom versions is that all of those older settings remain compatible – you don’t have to worry about losing any old settings as you upgrade. As for those upgrading from Lightroom 5, there are some minor problems to be aware of. The newest update overwrites some of the old master folders you might have had, so you’ll have to make a few copies of the original folders if you want to keep things the way they were – or simply create project folders in a new location. The only other issue is that you can’t use the Adobe Camera Raw file type (known as DNG) as a direct source for the basic editing actions in 5.2.

As there are more and more features available to the photographer, one must choose a software that has the features that are most useful in his work. The Adobe products do that very well. In My Opinion, the Lightroom and the Photoshop are completely filled with the functionality that we’re seeing on the market. The new Lightroom 5.2 is a great example of that, introducing many functions, but it should be remembered that these are the core functions that will give the maximum benefit and once you are satisfied with them you have to consider the deadlines, your working time, and other issues. As for the image editing, it may be true that one shoot will not be the same feature of another, but the tool allows to work really good, in the most different ways. Some people are good with geometric moves; others, with tools that work on lightness and contrast, and others make use of filters’ effects. I think that the choice of software is not so important – it depends more on the needs that I mentioned, the current project and the hard structure that a photographer may have.

In addition to ease of alignment, stability, and automatic undo, the shape layers in Photoshop offers a number of other advantages over the traditional marquee selections:

  • Appearance:> You can now visualize whether your selection looks exactly like your intended output image or not. Whether it is a band, pattern or a class edit, you can even change its appearance by revising its blend mode, color replacement, shape and size.
  • Polygon Selection and Trapezoid Selection: Instead of raster based marquee selections like reduced pixel selection or long unseeing lines, you can now easily select polygons or trapezoids using the shape layers.
  • Subdivision: These tools can be considered as advanced shape layer tool. These tools are considered as advanced tools, they can be considered as as a high powered tool. It’s considered as much of a time consuming tool as the advanced tools mentioned before. While the basics of editing shape layer are very simple, the power these tools offer is unmatched.
  • Shape Culture: Theirs is not only an auto-correction tool in creating the perfect shape, but they can also recognize the shape culture in the image. It can be considered as an advance tool.
  • Adjustment Batch: They can help you reduce the work load. Instead of applying all the adjustments along the way, you can now gather all those adjustments in the adjustment layers and apply them at one go. These adjustment layers can be controlled by just one click of a button rather than to repeat any process.
  • Color and Gradient: It can replace all the editing operations without sacrificing the definite sharpness of the image. It can also lift the chance of making color changes to the shape anymore.
  • Gradient Map: New in Photoshop CS5, the Gradient Map is considered to be more powerful than the Gradient tool. Its is primary useful if you know what you want to achieve when creating the gradient. It can provide the gradient much more accurately.
  • Mesh Tools: You can have the same level of dexterity in working with objects like shapes, text, and logos while retaining the objects definition. Using the mesh tools, you can select only the individual polygons and modify them using the double click and rotation or fine-tune their alignment.
  • Masking: The ability to hide and show shape layers and images at your discretion. Masking shapes does not interfere with any editing process. It allows you to make color adjustments, and even remove or reshape objects in the mask without affecting their visibility.
  • Move: While it’s easy to erase, remove or replace objects from the document, the latest update in the shape layer tool gives you greater shooting power. It’s easy to move, rotate and size objects from one place to another. It can be considered as the most powerful feature while editing shapes.


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Get a new look for your website with these best Photoshop photoshop web design free with fonts, color schemes, and patterns! These feature builds are proven to boost conversion and engagement. As part of this web design, photo editing increase in demand because of the amazing possibilities and freedom that photography opens up. This includes features like custom backgrounds and node plugins and extensions. Also read about easels cheat sheet for the easy building of Adobe Photoshop brushes. In this photo editing & editing tutorial, you will get to know how to remove sepal edges using the Scratch tool. EaseLab is a powerful library that is well suited for modifying a transparent image, resulting in a non-transparent render of an image.

Also Read About The Stylus Pointer As Primary Adobe Photoshop Tool. Two years ago, we launched The Stylus as a primary creative tool for creative pros. As you know, The Stylus is an always-on digital finger, which connects directly to your tablet or computer and can be used for many creative tasks. Later, we gave the Stylus more ways to work via the Surface Pen and Surface Dial. At the same time, The Stylus is going through some of its most major updates yet, starting with a brand new look that reflects future Creative Cloud, Avo, and Adobe Sensei / Photoshop features.

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It’s not just photos that benefit from colour adjustment tools. If you use a colour monitor, you’ll appreciate the tools on offer to modify colours, such as Levels (an easy way to adjust contrast, brightness and saturation for a photo), Curves, or Hue & Saturation.

Designers love to create stunning graphics and illustrations. To help them, Adobe Photoshop Elements offers so many powerful features which can be used pretty much with no limit with the help of new versions. It is designed to improve the quality of images and make tasks like image editing more simple. Power editors can use these features in a better way with the help of new updates.

‘Retouched’ photos are essentially photos that have been altered, usually to enhance their appearance. It is a practice that, apart from its questionable ethics, also tends to soften the original image and minimize the chances of the photographer’s subject being recognized by anyone in the photo. It is performed either by the photographer’s spouse or by a professional retoucher. Photography is often considered the best documentation.

But sometimes it is not how much talent you are that matters but how you use it. Using Adobe Photoshop tools, you can retouch any photo with ease without ruining its personality. There are many different tools that can assist you with this job. Some are built-in while others are extensions that might be downloaded.

Developed by Adobe Systems Inc. since 1993, Photoshop is a very powerful image editor program that can be used to fix photos, retouch them and apply special editing effects to them. However, software like Photoshop needs many hours and even a number of mouse clicks to cover all these. This is why an online photo editor such as PicMonkey, Google Photo and Shutterfly, which is also free to use, can offer a much easier way to process photos and perform basic tasks such as cropping and coloring.

Adobe Photoshop features one of the most highly rated apps on the App Store. Many digital photographers, graphic designers, web designers, and motion graphics artists use Photoshop as a primary piece of photo editing software. The app is intuitive and fast with vector graphics and close to CMYK monitors. It offers a full complement of editing functions, including line, curves, text, color, and even some photo and video tools. You can use all of Photoshop’s tools directly on your photographs, add layers to scenes, and create designs that are sure to please.

Adobe Photoshop CC is not only the best for photographers, but also for graphic designers, illustrators, and web/mobile designers. It is the first photo editing suite that lets you do all of this with the comfort and efficiency of its intuitive experience. You can edit any kind of image with ease on this platform. The app is a completely new experience for those who have used Photoshop on any platform.

Among the features and tools that are present in the app are image editing, layer editing, selections, vector layers, an animated storyboard, custom tool, the filters section, brush, text tools, and a handful of video processing tools and filters and several other features.

In addition on Photoshop, the release also adds the ability to grab and copy content from the web. If you have a preferred account at the following cloud services, you can grab and copy content straight from those sites: Marvel, Spotify, Vudu, and YouTube.

In addition to building the foundation of Photoshop’s tools, features and workflows, the latest release of Adobe’s flagship product includes a number of new additions that make it more intuitive and easier to use. The new Filters category, which consolidates the plug-ins from the Filter gallery, makes it easier to search for filters and apply them on your images. A new Content Aware Fill selection tool easily fills the interior of a rectangular selection. And, a new Browser panel allows you to easily access panels and tools from other applications when you need them.

Given the overwhelming number of tools and features, as well as the speed Photoshop is becoming, many photographers find creating sophisticated looks far more challenging than they anticipated. Fortunately, tools and features such as new content aware tools, selection improvements and new masking tools in Photoshop, make it easier to achieve great results. You’re also able to customize the toolbar and organize your tools in Photoshop.

The all-new Adobe Sensei Natural Language and Machine Learning (NLM) technology enables Photoshop-aided AI with new, content-aware tools in Photoshop CC for any style of image. These include tools to select and tag objects, and automatically create a new image from its content–such as a group of shapes, a single person, a portrait, or a landscape. The intuitive and inquisitive technology learns and adapts from your past work, so you can focus more on your subject and less on exposure and ergonomics.

For starters, the new Settings window, with a familiar look and feel, gives you access to the many customization options that allow you to further personalize Photoshop. You can easily change the default settings when importing from a new document, as well as change the order of display and save location preferences. You can also control whether to remove OLE files from your folders.

Photoshop CC 2019 has a new Center Guide that automatically centers objects within a document or layer. Unanswered questions from the community about such standard features as blending two layers, switching between crop and selection tools, and exporting a series of photos to a single file have been addressed, along with behavior such as snapping to straight lines. Other improvements include a new Camera Transform dialog that let’s artists using cameras or mobile devices as 3D cameras quickly transform photos, a Standard ACR and High ACR dialog for adjusting image quality, and a new Single Brightness and Contrast dialog for bringing out another focus layer for editing.

The new Solid Color panel offers a new palette of tones. Now you can set an exact color and modify it in-place through the Hue/Saturation dialog. You’ll also find an enhanced Pattern panel where a pre-made pattern can be easily applied or placed to turn any area of a photo into an object. The new Magic Wand panel allows users to select an area, even those with complex selection boundaries. In addition, the Gradient panel will allow you to take a gradient to a new exponential adjustment that makes it easy to define color/gradient snaps.

In this advanced photo editing software, it is possible to open, edit, and save multiple Photoshop files. Once an image is imported, the file can be edited and organized on the canvas. Also, you can use layer masks in the Photoshop to enhance your images, and do many other stuff.

For the web designers and developers, it is one of the most versatile tools for web design and mobile app design. In this tool, you can design pages, create icons, edit your logo, spot color in the logo, check out the work of other designers, and many other creative works. In this way, if visitors to your website are not satisfied, you can definitely improve them.

This picture editing software provides HDR image rendering feature, which makes it easy to merge several images into one to get the best output. This is possible by using the 24 or 32 bit versions and the 32bit formats contain more data that helps to get better image quality.

This photo editing tool permits you to perform a lot of things, with many options for retouching, compositing, and other photo editing features. With the simple interface, you can perform many of the image editing tasks more quickly. The user interface is quite simple and easy to use, and provides a huge selection of tools. It contains many tools such as crop, crop, selection tools, brushes, and so on. It also offers many other tools to edit the images within your desired settings.

The PSD (Photoshop Document) is basically a workflow file format that provides all features are needed for image editing. The PSD file is a project file that contains all the information about the image that is an independent file and users can edit as per their needs. Photoshop is a must-have tool in any graphic designer’s arsenal.

The latest version of Photoshop, which will soon be available, is Adobe Photoshop CS6. This software contains many new features which will remain covered for another short article. In short, you can do a number of interesting things with this helpful image editor. The following are some of those. The program is very user friendly, so the learning curve is practically nil.

Adobe Photoshop is a wonderful program complete with powerful features and tools. You are advised to update the software for using the latest features. This software is more than a simple image editing program; this software provides a canvas for designing. We can bring our ideas to life and create designs in it. The number of tools and features available to us in Photoshop are mind boggling. We can edit, crop, mix, resize, arrange, add text, gradient, create a wide range of effects, add sketch, sketch overlay, create a mask, brushes, gradients, photography, and much more.

We are all aware of the power of image editing in the world of computer-driven technology. However, Photoshop is not just a digital image editing program; it is more than an amalgam of graphic editing software. Photoshop has set the tone for many other programs in the field. Therefore, it can be possible to do almost anything in Photoshop. There are an infinite number of combinations that you can create in a single image. You can even create a fantastic effect using Photoshop by combining various tools and features.

There are two ways to install Photoshop. You can either install an offline compiler or by downloading it from the website. The offline compiler contains a setup.exe file and is for the users that do not wish to register with the Adobe Creative Cloud.

There is a complete set of Photoshop tools, including a vector tool, raster tool, a selection tool, color tool, adjustment tool, a layer tool, image tool, layer tools, image tools, and a sprite tool. However, the flagship feature of Photoshop is its ability to edit photos, merging together photos, and many other professional photo editing functions. If a designed needs to edit a photo, a skilled user can change and transform an image, effectively using them to produce a professional output. In addition, Photoshop also features a tool set that allows to create and edit videos, images and many different designs.

Photoshop can be accessed online and installed on one’s computer. The CS6 has some issues with the accounts and accuracy of the font size. All the files that are related to the account can be downloaded on the user’s computer. For the offline users, this option is not available.

Photoshop is the standard tool for a professional graphic designer. Users can create a wide range of designs ranging from simple high-standard designs to a broad range of products and packages. Although having a fine experience with the tool, it is difficult to learn. An online tutorial provides an excellent learning platform. However, there are free solutions like Udemy and Creative Bloq, which provide training in a set of courses. For complete details, visit . The developers also provide a set of free resources like the Adobe Photoshop eBook or Adobe Photoshop Essentials.

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