Techniques Of Jewelry Illustrati 🕹️

Techniques Of Jewelry Illustrati 🕹️



Techniques Of Jewelry Illustrati

Learn the basic tools and techniques used in jewelry making and design. Using real world examples students will learn how to fabricate jewelry using sheet metal and wire techniques. Students will use an assortment of basic tools and learn to weld, file, score, and create basic findings. Prerequisite: Jewelry 1.

Utilizing the advanced steel wire techniques learned in Jewelry 1 students in this new course will be introduced to the jewelry making processes and techniques of casting. Advanced metal artists will learn about the different metals with accurate melting and casting techniques. Prerequisite: Jewelry 1

In this advanced metal sculpting course students will work on a variety of ceramic and glass techniques. Students will learn how to forge, sculpt by hand, and cast materials. Prerequisite: Jewelry 1.

Change jewelry design, create custom typestyle, join jewelry components, and work with stones in this 6- to 12-week, advanced metal design course. Students will be introduced to the different metals and their characteristics and learn to calculate proportions. Students will be introduced to fabrication processes for metalwork. Prerequisite: Jewelry 1.

Gather materials to create custom jewelry pieces in this weeklong Jewelry Ensemble course. Students will work in jewelry making mediums and learn relevant fabrication techniques to create the jewelry collection.

Learn the basics of creating your own jewels from the ground up. Using metal found objects, sheet metal, wire, as well as stone or glass materials, learn to figure out how to make your own custom jewelry using these materials. This course focuses on creating your own wire designs, and integrates the other materials. Prerequisite: Jewelry 1.


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