The Naag Shakti Subtitle Indonesia Download !NEW!

The Naag Shakti Subtitle Indonesia Download !NEW!


The Naag Shakti Subtitle Indonesia Download

Shakti calls out to the public to perform pooja for her and prays that if the public fails she will kill all their children. Suseela’s family performs the pooja with the help of Vijay. Devi blesses them and their children and they are saved from the terrible curse. Devi tells Suseela that there is a loophole in the curse and will inform Vijay and Suseela later. They return to Mangaluru. Devi tells her that on her way to the Himalayas she met Kali and as the road to Kali is difficult, she couldn’t complete her pooja and mainly because of government interference, she couldn’t get permission to pass through the Himalayas. He informs Devi that Kali is waiting on the bank of a river, which Kali calls the river of life. She tells him that a life without the company of others is hellish. He informs her that the boatman is trapped in his belief and without him her work can’t be completed. She tells him that it is possible for Vijay to finish the work. Vijay agrees.

They go to Kali’s house. Devi gives the required money to her and tells her the plan. Devi goes to Dantra’s house and prays for 14 pooja days to come to Kali’s place. The boatman passes the order to other boatmen and a race for the precious coffins between them starts. Devi’s magic box is in the coffins and it’s locked. It is opened and the boxes are taken away. Kali arrives and informs Dantra that Karmao is coming. She asks Dantra about his state of mind. She tells him that he can choose to marry his daughter now or later. He promises to marry her. When Karmao along with his men arrive, he is unable to find Kishan-da’s daughter. He is about to leave when he sees Vijay and Suseela. He realizes that there is a conspiracy. He takes all the coffins and kills Vijay and Suseela. He throws away Vijay and tries to run away and is held by Dantra. Kali blesses Dantra and vanishes. Dantra screams.


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