Xoopar Pokket Mouse Driver _HOT_

Xoopar Pokket Mouse Driver _HOT_

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Xoopar Pokket Mouse Driver

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The launch of the company’s first wireless mouse, the Pokket, ignited a debate about the value of wireless technology in the office. Is wireless ever really convenient? Is it only a matter of time before all computers are wirelessly connected? Does it make sense to buy a wireless mouse that also works over networks? This article explores some of the issues that surround the use of wireless technology in the workplace. By Kieran Guilbert. The multimedia capabilities of the Internet have changed the way that we do business.
The Pokket is the world’s first wireless mouse, so let’s see how it stacks up compared with other wireless mice on the market. Fitting snugly into a human hand, the 28mm-wide pad is easy to manipulate and offers very little resistance when pressed with the index finger. The driver at the end of the antenna is a 10 W transducer, the same as that used in many sound systems and wireless speakers. From a distance, the image looks like a standard mouse, which it is. But as soon as you want to change the cursor location or to drag an object, the wireless connection drops, and the mouse picks up a traditional cable connection.
We got our first look at the Pokket when it was introduced at SXSW in March of 2008. Reviews of the Pokket appeared to follow one of two courses. The first lot appeared to be favorably impressed by what they saw, but thought that the operation of the mouse was a bit too complicated. The second lot complained that the mouse was difficult to use, and certainly not as intuitive as their current wireless mouse. Both kinds of comment focused on the shortcomings of the wireless technology itself. The other comment was that the wireless connection doesn’t work at a distance greater than about two feet.
The Pokket isn’t a fully wireless mouse, but it does work in that range. We were able to use the wireless antenna on the mouse to get a data connection when in front of the PC, and then a wired connection when out of range. When we used the remote control version of the Bluetooth transmitter, we could move the cursor and click in the same way as with the wired mouse. We found no performance penalty for using the wireless antenna versus the wired antenna, though this issue could change if we were to use the controller on an airplane.
The biggest problem with the wireless connectivity on the Pok





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